CoreLogic RealQuest

A property research platform for real investors to easily access MLS data, recent valuations, and transaction records


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Corelogic by Realquest is a property information platform that provides information on property listings, valuations, transaction data, and Multiple Listing Service data.


Property Transaction History

The app provides a platform to display all transactions that a property has been involved in and show this information in an ordered manner.

Property value validation

Potential property buyers can validate the valuation of a property by surveyors and valuers and hence get accurate actionable data.

Property Ownership Confirmation

To reduce the occurrence of fraud and prevent property buyers from being conned of their money, Corelogic Realquest provides information on property ownership on its platform. This also reduces middlemen and broker intervention which has the effect of reducing the cost of the property.

Property Photos

Corelogic-Realquest lists properties side by side with their latest photos or architectural sketches.

Latest Recording Date

This feature enables property traders to get the latest and most accurate property information on a need basis.

Mortgage information

Property traders are able to get information on any mortgage facility taken up on property which accounts as part of due diligence on property.

Custom Search

Filters can be added to search queries on the platform which limits results to only required content.

Map Searches

Users can utilize the map search feature to find property based on location. The maps displayed include street maps and aerial maps.

Property Data and Characteristics

Property information and characteristics are displayed on Corelogic. The information is from accurate sources such as county recorders officers.

Neighbourhood analysis

Data on crime records in a neighbourhood surrounding a property, demographics of the neighbourhood and information on catastrophes occurrence such as floods is used by the software to provide a neighbourhood analysis report to potential buyers.

Tax Records Display

Records relating to tax position of property obtained from reliable sources such as the Internal Revenue Services and tax assessors, are listed on the platform alongside each property.

Foreclosure listings

Properties marked for pre foreclosure and foreclosure will have this information displayed in their property information.

Comparable Sales

Properties with similar characteristics, such as same neighbourhood or same size, are listed side by side to aid property buyers to get a better picture of the real value of a property.

Data Analytics

CoreLogic uses data from various sources to develop an informative and accurate data analytics which will ensure more targeted decision making.


Different property dealers are assigned different trust levels to ensure only legitimate dealers can trade using information from the site.

Risk Analysis

By leveraging its database on comprehensive sources, users can analyse risk posed by investing in different properties.


● Current data on property from diverse and Interface makes use of the software easy.

● Aggregated data makes it easy to read and act upon.

● Reliability of data as it comes from verified sources.

● Trust Levels assigned to different user profiles are able to show trustworthiness of dealers.

● Flood hazard information is useful in analysing risk of floods to property.

● Advanced security features.


● Expensive to unlock premium features.

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